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Digital Signatures


OneSign is a dynamic project that provides procedural dematerialization by digitally signing any document with any qualified certificate (certified with the highest degree of security and trust).

Digital Signatures

Digital identity

The Citizen Card is a physical document and a digital identity that enables, with the help of the OneSign tool, identification and authentication of electronic documents remotely from public or private entities.

Digital Signatures

Probatory legality

With OneSign software you can provide legal evidence to any document digitally signed with the citizen's card certificate or other qualified digital certificate, identifying a citizen unequivocally.

Digital Signatures

Digital security

With OneSign SDK, online identification becomes safe and trivial. With use of this tool and the Citizen Card or other certificate in digital platforms, online services can fully and unambiguously identify a person.

OneSign - SDK

detailsSDK (software development kit)demonstration videodownload and licenseresale program


Development kit (SDK - for developers only)

  • Tool that allows programmers to easily integrate the functionality in applications development
  • Application (Java applet) that functions in the Web environment, compatible with popular browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.).
  • Digital sign any document
  • Extraction of the citizen's photograph and converting it to JPEG format

OneZero provides online demonstration of the Software Development Kit (SDK).

OneSign SDK lets you integrate Citizen's Card functionality in applications developed by any software house. If you are looking for ways to authenticate users, autofill online forms and digitally sign any document then this SDK is intended to help you achive just that.

Citizen's Card demo - read information from Citizen's Card
In this example you can read general information data and cardholder's address (requires PIN address)

Citizen's Card authentication demo
This example shows how to use the Citizen Card to make an online authentication (requires PIN authentication)

Requirements to use these examples:


  • OneDoc Integration - Document Management System
  • Integration with OneGov - Platform for Multichannel Service
  • Integration with other applications Software Houses