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Multichannel Layer Application

OneGov is a multichannel service platform (presential and online) which aims to realign the focus of municipality activity in its Customers, promoting

  • UE Point of Single Contact (PSC) concept
  • significant attendance performance improvement
  • significant waiting time reduction
  • significant decision time reduction
  • communication and satisfaction enhancements
  • OpenSource techologies
  • single interface for all ERP
  • any existing ERP integration
  • learn more ...
City of Oliveira do Hospital provides all citizen's with a tool to sign documents (OneSign - Digital Signatures)

Brasão Câmara Municipal de Oliveira do HospitalCity of Oliveira do Hospital acquires unlimited license application OneSign - Digital Signatures, therefore providing all citizens with a tool with the ability to digitally sign necessary documents to conduct any proceedings in that municipality.

Electronic documents signed with OneSign - Digital Signatures (using Citizen's Card or any other digital certificate), have legal evidence (Decree-Law No. 62/2003, Article 3. º , paragraph 2) therefore, this measure not only facilitates access to the latest electronic technology, developed by OneZero, as it allows also to shorten the way to go towards cutting bureaucracy using procedural dematerialization, promoting new technologies and distance form submission either via email or via other electronic tools, with the obvious advantages of reducing the response times of the Municipality and the consequent citizen's satisfaction.

Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Central (CHLC) dematerializes correspondence

CHLC e OneZero - Portal da SaúdeCentro Hospitalar Lisboa Central (CHLC) adopted electronic document management solution. The objective is to dematerialize received and sent correspondence from and to the hospital.


The project, which began in 2010 with the dematerialization of the staff's archive files, has now reached a new phase with the implementation of Onesign – Digital Signatures, which will develop an interface that allows the integration of the citizen's card with the existing document management tool.


News published in Portal da Saúde on 22-07-2011
(full news on Portal da Saúde or on PDF)


OneZero opens new facilities in the center of Leiria

New facilitiesStarting Monday, August 8th Onezero will change facilities to the center of the city of Leiria.
New address is Rua Doutor António Costa Santos, nº27B 2ºE - 2410-084 Leiria.
Phone, fax and email will remain unchanged..


Rua Doutor António Costa Santos, nº27B 2ºE, 2410-084 Leiria
N 39,74233; W -8,80528
Phone: 707 302 304
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

OneScan - Document imaging SDK

OneScanOnezero releases a new tool for digitizing documents, OneScan SDK.
This is a software development kit that allows developers to integrate scanning solutions into their applications preventing them from running other applications to scan and link documents.
This tool is developed in Java which ensures compatibility with all browsers and platforms that supports JVM.

For more information about this tool click here.

Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Central (CHLC) chooses OneSign SDK digital signatures solution

OneZero digital signatures solution OneSign was selected to integrate in the existing document management tool in Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Central (CHLC), being used by a significant number of employees.

Composed by S. José, Capuchos, Santa Marta and D. Estefânia, CHLC group has postgraduate training with high scientific differentiation (technical and technological) recognized by clinical excellence, efficiency and effectiveness seen as a reference institution.

More details on OneSign here.